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Who Me?

Hello again. MyWho Me? name is Breanna Hogan. I am a Chicago-raised; DC-made; LA-paid blogger, publicity professional, avocado dealer and social architect. I’m the most unconventional overachiever you’ve never met. I’m the intersection of class clown and valedictorian. I’m an undercover introvert. At 22, I had managed to graduate, Summa Cum Laude, from Howard University with no loans; a semester abroad and a plethora of professional work experience under my belt (humbly). Underneath all that, I’m just a normal, 20-something-year-old banging my head against the wall and trying to decide if I should climb the corporate ladder to an “esteemed career” or try my luck at Instagram fame. In the meantime, I decided to “share my journey” (cliché, I know) and be a source of comfort; encouragement; inspiration; or, at the very least, humor for other twenty-somethings. This blog is written entirely from the perspective of my authentic-self: opinioned, hilarious, appropriately inappropriate, cultured, educated, unapologetically flawed and always honest. I’m fluent in sarcasm. You can expect frequent and satirical references to pop culture, as well as avid movie quoting. I enjoy eating, but I’m not a foodie. I love music, television, fashion and my iPhone (the usual). I’m fresh out of a serious relationship with Twitter and now casually dating Snapchat. In addition to all of the above, I have 23 years of anecdotal proof that God has a sense of humor. So I welcome you to Living TwenLaughties; where the music is cool, the punch is spiked and all puns are intended!