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There Must Be Drugs In The Lemonade!

So, unless you’ve been living under a rock, I’m sure you know by now that Beyoncé is pregnant with twins. As a matter of fact, even if you have been living under a rock you probably STILL know that Beyoncé Giselle Knowles-Carter is expecting twins. Not even SpongeBob Square pants and the citizens of Bikini Bottom could escape that news. Even if you managed to avoid all the blogs; radio stations and news outlet, it was the topic of literally EVERY other status, tweet and post across all the social media channels for like three days. I couldn’t make it through three Instagram posts without seeing THEE picture from Bey’s pregnancy photoshoot. It even made history as the most liked picture on Instagram EVER with over 9 million likes to date. With captions ranging from a simple “congratulations” to full out thesis papers, complete with bibliographies and works cited about why this pregnancy is the greatest, most miraculous thing to ever happen to the human race. I’m not exaggerating, someone literally said that. Somewhere around the 300th Beyoncé tribute, I started to get really annoyed and very disappointed by what is not-so-apparently a major issue with our society.

Don’t get me wrong, I am by no means a Beyoncé hater. In fact, I’m happy that the world has Queen B to bring sunshine and happiness during this very difficult time in our lives when, by some divine miracle that only the creator of the Simpsons could have predicted, America is being led by a racist; sexist; privileged; twitter-thuggin; tantrum-throwing; under qualified; undercover Klansman. Don’t even get me started on that tragedy; that’s a whole OTHER issue with our society, but I digress.

The point is, I’m happy for Beyoncé and I’m happy that so many people are touched and excited to share this journey with her. However, in the words of one Kanye Omari West, “I know you’re excited and I’mma let you finish BUT …” where the hell did all this encouragement and support come from because it’s CERTAINLY not here for people that we actually know?!?!

I can count on one hand how often I see people sharing, praising, or uplifting regular, everyday up-and-comers on social media. I didn’t realize how little we supported each other until I saw how much we support all things Beyoncé. The level of support we give to our very own family and friends PALES in comparison to the extent to which we support celebrities aka complete strangers who wouldn’t know you from a can of paint.

Let me ask you a question … do you think Beyoncé is going to invite you to her baby shower? Better yet, do you think she would attend YOUR baby shower? How about your graduation? Your funeral? If you got arrested, would you use your one phone call on Beyoncé? Has she ever given you advice when you needed it or put money in your pocket when you didn’t have any? No? Well, you could’ve fooled me.

All this love and support for Beyoncé, but none for the people that you grew up with. The people who knew you back when you were on the dusty side of “The Dub Challenge.” The people who share the same DNA as you and who’s blood runs in your veins. The people who probably helped make you who you are and are way more likely to get you to where you’re going than Beyoncé is.

If you ever read about how celebrities got to where they are, you’ll learn that a common thread and major key to most of their success was the help of family and friends. Before Kanye West was calling himself “Yeezus” and selling sneakers for $200, he was sleeping on friends’ couches in New York City with as little as $2 in his pocket. Drake regularly reminisces the times when he and his “woes” stuck together during tough times in the 6. His support for other up-and-coming artists in Canada is to thank for the success of The Weekend, PartyNextDoor and Roy Woods just to name a few. Before Kim Kardashian was breaking the internet, she was a personal stylist/closet organizer for her best friend, Paris Hilton. The pattern here is that all these big-name celebrities had help from family and friends long before YOU even knew who they were. And most likely, they’d still be unbeknownst to you had it not been for said support.

Uplifting and supporting one-another is important now more than ever because generation Y and Z are the most entrepreneurially spirited thus far. All generation X complains about is how millennials refuse to spend 20 plus years slaving away at the same company trying to climb the corporate ladder. I think they’re still a little bitter since we told them where to shove that ladder. Instead, millennials are building our own ladders to climb to the top of our own, self-made empires. We’re risk takers and dream chasers. Our ambitions exceed far beyond the wildest imaginations of our predecessors … but we can’t do it alone! The most successful people have failed more times than not. Chasing your dream is much harder, scarier and riskier than working to build someone else’s. The journey is long and will surely be riddled with disappointments, doubt and fear. If you happen to know or be related to someone who is passionate, driven and brave enough to even attempt such a journey, how dare you not support them?

Risk more than others think is safe. Dream more than others think is practical.

– Howard Schultz, CEO of Starbucks.

I love Beyoncé and I’m happy for her pregnancy, but she made it already! She has reached the ultimate level of success and is now worth over $500 million. But what about your friend Tamara who is trying to get her clothing line off the ground? Or your cousin Lisa who’s an aspiring makeup artist? How about your classmate Cam, the up-and-coming rapper? How often do you repost, retweet or even congratulate them on your social media?

It’s nothing for you to drop $200 on a concert ticket or wait in line for HOURS to buy a pair of overrated, over-priced tennis shoes from total strangers who are ALREADY RICH, but you can’t quite come up with $10 for Tamara’s T-shirts; you want Lisa to do your makeup for free; and you don’t have time to listen to Cam’s mixtape. That’s absurd.

Personally, I am extremely proud of anyone who is chasing a dream. I’m even more proud if I’m able to call that person my friend. If you’re anything like me, then your dream is everything to you. You put so much into it and you want it so bad that it’s in your veins. You can taste it. You live for it and not achieving it is not an option. I just want to say, from one dream chaser to another, that I support you. As bad as I want to achieve my own dreams, I want you to achieve yours too. My close friends will tell you that I’m their biggest fan. I do my best to read every article, bump to every mixtape, watch every short film, edit every job application, listen to every podcast and attend every event they have. From now on, I promise to try to support you even more. I’ll retweet, repost and share whatever you need me to because I’m more interested in seeing you win than seeing Beyoncé’s pregnancy picture. Actually, we should all take a lesson from Kanye West and support our friends the way he supports his friends. So if you need me to interrupt someone else’s acceptance speech and tell the whole world that you’re the greatest of all time, pass the mic to Breezus!